Refund policy

1) No reason to return
If you use the KXK online channel, if the purchased product is in the original condition at the time of purchase and meets the conditions for secondary sales, you can enjoy the return service for no reason within 7 days. The starting date is as follows:

1. For the goods you purchased through KXK online channels, it will be counted from the day you receive the goods (that is, the day after the date of receipt);
You need to apply for a return of the purchased item through the original purchase channel. If the above 7-day return time limit is exceeded, we will not be able to accept your return application (except for defective products caused by quality reasons). KXK By You customized products are not eligible for the above 7-day no-reason return service.

Restrictions on Unreasonable Returns

A. There are also some restrictions on your return within the above-mentioned no-reason return period, especially: the products to be returned must be in the original condition of purchase and meet the conditions for secondary sales. Specifically, it includes the following three requirements:

1. The item is in good condition. That is, the surface of the product has no scratches, no wear (broken), no bumps, no use, no disassembly and other traces; the product can maintain the original quality and function;

2. The outer packaging of the product is complete;

3. If the product is equipped with accessories or accessories, the relevant accessories and/or accessories should be complete.

B. In the case of online purchases, if the returned product does not meet the above return requirements, our company reserves the right to refuse to accept the return application, and the consumer shall bear the relevant shipping costs.

C. KXK customized products are not eligible for 7-day no-reason return service. You have the right to return KXK customized products only if the KXK customized products you received were defective at the time of receipt or did not match your order, see the requirements for return of defective products for details.

2) Return of defective products

If you think the item is defective, you can choose to return it. Provided that the item to be returned meets the following return requirements:

1. Clothing and equipment: quality problems not caused by human beings within 30 days from the date of receipt, such as: zipper damage, clothing accessories falling off and other obvious serious defects, and the appearance of unworn clothing with serious opening, obvious damage and stains, etc. Sexual flaws. KXK will not be able to accept returns of clothing and equipment beyond 30 days.

3) Exchange Policy Tips

1. The replacement of the ordered product needs to contact customer service. You can apply for an exchange of the same item of the same color.

2. If you need to exchange KXK orders, please refer to KXK Exchange Policy.

3. KXK By You customized products do not support exchange, nor do they support 7-day no-reason return service;

4. For the specific KXK online shopping jersey blank version and order replacement, please contact the original purchase channel for consultation.

5. If the product is returned or exchanged due to customer reasons, the return shipping fee shall be borne by the buyer; if it is sent by the seller by mistake, the return shipping fee will be borne by the seller.

6. Customers are responsible for the customs fee of the returned items which will occur when returned items reach China custom. 

4) Other situations where no return will be accepted

1. Damage caused by disassembly or repair by consumers, or other man-made damage;

2. If there is damage to the product due to improper wearing;

3. Products not sold by KXK;

4 Other laws and regulations stipulate that the warranty liability shall be exempted.

* Please keep your account and order information properly and do not disclose it to others.