Custom Gold Basketball Jersey

The golden basketball jersey features a symbol of courage and good luck to make it look more shiny and eye-catching. In addition, basketball uniforms are usually made of sweat-absorbent, static-free, and lightweight materials to ensure players stay dry and comfortable during the game.

The Gold jersey is suitable for all ages

Gold jerseys are usually a bright and conspicuous color suitable for people of all ages. It can convey energy, passion and confidence while also showing the uniqueness and personality of a team or individual. Whether they are young people or adults, choosing a Gold jersey can make them stand out at basketball games or other events.

FAQ of Custom Gold Basketball Jerseys

If I do not add a custom team name on the front of the jersey, will it leave the space blank?

Yes, if you do not add a custom team name on the front of the jersey, the space will be left blank.

Will the names and numbers be printed on both sides of the jersey?

Normally, the name and number on the jersey will only appear on one side of the single-sided product image. This is to keep the design of the jersey simple and beautiful. Reversible product images are printed on both sides.

Are the pants tights (tight fitting on the leg) or trunks (loose fitting on the leg)?

The pants can either be tight fitting on the leg (tights) or loose fitting on the leg (trunks), depending on the manufacturer and style. It is best to check the specific product description or sizing chart to determine the fit of the pants.